Mississauga Bassmasters 2011 Conservation Projects

Rattray Marsh Conservation Area Spring Cleanup & Help Control the Spread of Invasive Species Projects

Saturday, April 9th - Rattray Marsh Annual Spring Clean-Up from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Annual Spring Clean-Up event at Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. Help preserve this unique and sensitive wetland for all to enjoy. Dress appropriately for the weather, bring work gloves to protect your hands and wear boots. Work gloves are available. Please bring a refillable water bottle. Light snacks and refreshment will be provided.

Sunday, May 15th and Sunday, June 5th - Rattray Marsh Uproot Uprise Volunteer Workday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Do your part to control the spread of 'Natural Space' Invaders and keep Rattray Marsh healthy. Together we will remove garlic mustard, honeysuckle and other invasive species that are choking out the native plants that wildlife depend on. Please dress for the weather, wear work gloves and sturdy boots, sunscreen and insect repellant (if necessary). Please bring a refillable water bottle. Snacks will be provided. Advanced registration is not required.

Club Honour Group points will be awarded if you attend any one of the three Rattray events.

Ken Whillans Resource Management Area

On Friday, March 4th, we were finally able to proceed with a conservation work day with Credit Valley Conservation at the Ken Whillans area up on Highway 10.

The project we completed consisted of building and laying out on the ice a series of rock piles and crib structures (made from pallets, Christmas trees, stone) placed in the shallow north arm of the pond/lake.  These will melt through in the spring and create spawning area cover.  They will hopefully draw fish away from spawning along shore where they are easily poached, and get them to spawn offshore.  Club volunteers along with CVC staff pre-built over a dozen of these and then dragged them out onto the ice.

Community Stakeholder Participation

This year, our club has participated in the following community stakeholder sessions:

  •  20110208 - Fisheries Management Plan Encompassing the Watersheds of the Conservation Halton Jurisdication
  • 20110329 - City of Mississauga Credit River Parks Strategy
  •  20110402 - Giving Our River Its Credit Workshop