Mississauga Bassmasters 2014 Conservation Program

Ken Whillans Symposium

"How to locate and fish for shoreline bass"

A few members of Mississauga Bassmasters worked along side with the Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVC) in teaching up and coming anglers on what to look for and enticing presentations for shoreline bass fishing.  When fishing from a boat anglers can be seen casting tight to the shoreline looking for that trophy bass, more often than not bass will be cruising around looking for their next meal 50' or so past the shoreline.  Don't be afraid to make long casts from your friends dock or the banks of a public lake, look for weed clumps, lily pads or structure under the water, you may hook into the fish of a lifetime! 

May 15 - Park clean up Lakefront Promenade Mississauga.

July 5th - Lake Aquitaine Mississauga, assisting Credit Valley Conservation Authority.

August 16th - Ken Whillans , assisting Credit Valley Conservation Authority with fishing knowledge such as presentations for bass fishing and how to locate bass from shore.