Mississauga Bassmasters 2017 Club Tournaments

2017 Mississauga Bassmasters Tournament Series

All B.A.S.S. Tournaments: 

  •  Entries must be paid in full by the final registration date.
  •  Anglers unable to attend the registration meetings may pay in advance.
  •  Non-boater positions will be filled on a first paid - first served basis.
  •  All entries are to be registered with the Tournament Director.
  •  Boaters must make available proof of minimum $1,000,000 liability insurance.
  •  All anglers must have a current membership with B.A.S.S.
  •  All entry fees are $60 per angler per tournament, big fish entry included.
  •  All Open Team events required that at least one angler must be a member of Mississauga Bassmasters.
  •  All the 2017 club bass tournaments are designated as OBF Lowrance Angler of the Year Qualifying lakes.
  •  Exceptions will be pre-announced.

2017 Tournament Schedule

1.  May 27 - (7am-3pm) Georgian Bay, Pike, Mix team event - Pier 69 Marina
2. June 17 - (7am-3pm) Sturgeon Lake (Rivera Park), Bass, Draw team
3.  July 15  -  (7am-3pm)  Georgian Bay,  Bass,   Open team
4.  July 29  -  (7am-3pm)   Sparrow Lake,  Bass,  Draw individual
5.  August 12  -  (7am-3pm)   Lake Couchiching,  Bass,  Draw team
6.  August 26 - 27 / OBN Qualifier,  Ottawa River, Petawawa,  Individual
7.  September 23  -  (7:30am-3:30pm)  Gloucester Pool, Bass,  Open team
8.  October 14  -  (7:30am-3:30pm)  Lake Joseph / Rosseau,  Bass,  Draw individual
9.  October 28  -  (8:00am-4:00pm)  CLUB CLASSIC,  Bass,  Individual,  Lake TBA

Results For – Sturgeon Lake, Draw Team, Bass

Tournament Date: Saturday June 17, 2017

Tournament Type: Draw Team
Creel Limit: 5 per team
Starting Time: 7:00 AM
Check-in Time: 3:00 PM
54 Bass totalling 115.62 pounds
28 Largemouth
26 Smallmouth
2.14 Pound average weight per bass
(In The Money)

1. Joey Turk and Steve Agius (Joey Turk BF 4.94 SM)
2. Chuck Allan and Gary Fenuik
3. Rob Saccoccia and Dave Hobbs
4. Dave Daubaras and Vladimir Valdez
5. Fraser Muir and Tomasz Czerniawski
6. Ryan Micallef and David Bardega
7. Cliff Fowler and Peter Dixon
8. Tim Beneteau and Daniel Cuellar
9. Ammar Jafaar and Barrington Rowe
10. Franco Spadea and Dean Taylor
11. George Haluszka and Jose Pacheco
12. Richard Camilleri and John Hall
13. Grant Pentiricci and Mike Kerwin
14. Aleksandar Jocic and Brian Archambault

Results For – GEORGIAN BAY, Mixed Team, Pike

Tournament Date: Saturday, May 27th 2017

Tournament Type: Mixed team Pike event
Creel Limit: 5 per team
Starting Time: 7:15 AM
Check-in Time: 3:15 PM
1st place 5 Pike totaling 117 inches
2nd place 5 Pike totaling 115 inches
Big fish - 1 Pike totaling 28 inches

(In The Money)

1.  George Haluszka and Steve Agius
2.  Ammar Jafaar & Ali Jinnah
3.  Cliff Fowler and Dave Hobbs
4.  Paul Hall and Barrington Rowe
5.  Joey Turk and Gary Fenuik
6.  Tim Beneteau and Peter Dixon     Peter - (BF 28" Pike)