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2017 President, Mississauga Bassmasters
2004-Jan 2012 Vice-President, Ontario B.A.S.S. Federation Nation
2006-2011 President, Mississauga Bassmasters
Member of Mississauga 6-Man Team 2007 & 2008
2006 Tournament Director, Mississauga Bassmasters
2004-2005 Ombudsperson, Mississauga Bassmasters
2002-2003 Youth Director, Mississauga Bassmasters
Honour Group Award Recipient
Member of the Year 2005, 2009
This award is given out annually to the club member with the highest overall points accumulated through participation at all club events.
Long Line Release Champion 2002
This award is given out annually to a club member. 

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Penny Muir

"My father was an avid fisherman, but I never had many chances to fish with him, as he past away when I was young. I've always wanted to pass the sport along to my children and I think I've been pretty successful in doing that. My love of fishing is second only to my love for my family, especially my wife Penny. She has been so supportive and this has allowed me to indulge myself in the tournament fishing game."

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Mississauga Bassmasters
Mississauga, Ontario

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